How it Began

For over 30 years, S-Cubed has been developing technology systems for a broad cross-section of industries focusing on helping improve each company's key operations. Founder and CEO William Fuller has developed open-standard enterprise applications for companies like IBM, General Motors, Xerox, Kodak, and Global Crossings. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, we support customers throughout the US and many other countries with solutions to address their most critical business issues.

The S3-WMS

S-Cubed has developed the S3-WMS by focusing on customer needs supported with a proven and robust platform that is easily tailored to each client's unique needs. S3-WMS was born out of working with early customers like Allied Frozen Foods and Holley Cold Storage to identify and fix the operational issues they had with other WMS systems. The learning's from these and other customers over the years has now made the S3-WMS a very efficient and effective solution.

The S-Cubed development and support team work with each new client to fully understand their unique needs and demands while also providing their expertise and experience not just in the software but across all facets of operations. The S3-WMS is constantly evolving and is updated continuously to ensure it provides the best real time data solution in the ever increasingly complex environments our clients face.

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