Your Warehouse is unique - you need Solutions that fit you

Your warehouse operation is running, you’re making a living but deep down you know things could be better. Order fulfillment could run smoother, inventory status could be more accurate, and lost product issues could be reduced; but dealing with your current WMS provider ends in barriers and frustration.

Although warehouses all have a lot in common - how to store vast quantities of materials so as to maximize available space and to do it in a manner that supports the rapid retrieval of that material when needed - YOUR Warehouse also has unique customers, products and environments.

You need a system that allows you to tailor how you receive incoming product, how you choose to store it and how you pick it to meet order fulfillment requests. If your warehouse system does not allow you to work in a flexible yet fully controlled environment then you have a logistial nightmare. In the food industry you must have total inventory control and end-to-end traceability at all times. Throw in the added complexity of refrigerated and frozen foods and now any inaccuracy or hiccup in the process means you are losing money.

S3-WMS Does it Right

  • Inventory accuracy

    The system knows where everything is all the time and the process of just scanning the product takes all the complexities and issues with other systems – so our products are never lost.
  • Simplicity

    It is so simple, just point and click. Other systems have 10-20 screens to do simple functions – with S3-WMS its 1 or 2 screens – very intuitive.
  • Licensing & Support

    Since it is built on MySQL there are no external licenses fees. You have access to do your own reports or database queries without having to hire a consultant. Because the S3-WMS is built on an open architecutre you can run the back office on lower cost servers and provide full redundancy across your sites for a fraction of what other systems require. Finally VAN cost for EDI support are included in S3-WMS.

Strength & Flexibility

Many other WMS systems currently in use lack operational flexibility. When order fulfillment is initiated the system will instruct the warehouse personnel to retrieve specific pallets from specific locations based on “First in, First out” (FIFO)--regardless of whether or not this makes practical sense. This requires immediate "rearranging" which can tie up floor space, impact traffic flow, and lead to possible misplacement of the remaining pallets. While most WMS systems have achieved their primary purpose of tracking product with regard to stock rotation rules, they have done so in a way that has curtailed smooth warehouse operations, wasted valuable fulfillment time and increased the risk of lost inventory.

S-Cubed’s Warehouse Management System (S3-WMS) provides the same overall product tracking as its competitors but with one major additional aspect; fulfillment flexibility. Using S3-WMS the warehouse is able to fulfill orders based on a more intuitive series of criteria. First inventory is managed on multiple levels: e.g. lot codes, date codes, pallet ID, expiration dates, etc. that can be tailored on a customer-by-customer basis.

Secondly the S3-WMS employs "soft allocation" methodology. What this means is that instead of always having to pick the assigned pallet/lot - the warehouseman would be given alternatives that would still meet the fulfillment critieria but often allow them not to have to dig for buried items. Finally the S3-WMS uses a 3D reference matrix of: expiration date, physical location and quantity for ultimate fulfillment efficiency.

The S3-WMS system has provided clients with labor savings alone equal to an ROI of 18 months on average.

The simple flexibility is a time saver that gives our clients the ability to respond to their customers in a more efficient manner while at the same time effectively managing inventory, reducing spoilage, and providing real time information for management, accounts receivable, and logistics that other systems cannot match.

S3-WMS architecture is a cost saver as well:

  • No external license fees
  • Reduced initial capital outlay
  • Interface with virtually any legacy application already in place
  • Minimal install, setup and training time needed

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S3-WMS Inventory is Cash. Track yours!

S3-WMS Warehouse Advantage

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